What is the difference between verification and approval?

Verification and approval are independent of each other in x2VOL. Below are explanations of how each work.

AGENCY VERIFICATION: There are two ways hours can be verified in x2VOL.
1 - When a student submits hours, an email and/or text is sent to the Activity Contact with a link to verify the hours that the volunteer is claiming.
2 - An organization with an x2VOL account can verify hours after their posted event has passed in their account on the Pending Hours page. The student must log the hours first before the hours are pending for verification in the organization Pending Hours page.

If these hours are verified, the school administrator will see the hours as verified in their "Pending Hours" page. 

SCHOOL APPROVAL: Hours are approved towards a goal by a School Staff Member using x2VOL in the Pending Hours page. Hours can be approved without verification if the school administrator chooses to do so.

Our verification via email is a great feature but it's important to remember that there are technological factors beyond our control. Some Activity Contacts may not verify the hours digitally, but the school can still approve the hours in their admin x2VOL account.

When the student is logging hours they are required to enter at least one piece of verifiable information (phone or email) for the Activity Contact, and they are required to confirm the Oath/Honesty Statement. If you have any falsification consequences that you wish to add to the Oath/Honesty Statement, please let us know.

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