Import Hours History


If your school has recently subscribed, we can import hours for your students that they have volunteered in the past. Importing hours history is not required. If you want to import hours, it is required that you imported your students with a student ID or student email.

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in importing hours in to specific goals in your x2VOL Account. This specific template is used for importing hours in to exclusive goals.

Importing Hours Instructions: Populate your students' hours data on our template, password protect the file and send it to your x2VOL Account Manager or Please do not alter the column headers or remove columns.

Import Hours File Column Headers:
- Record ID = Leave Blank (we will fill this in)
- Hours Date = Date you did the volunteer service (must be a singular date, not a date range. Cannot be a future date.)
- Volunteer Key =  Student ID or Student Email (whichever used in student x2VOL account)
- Hours Claimed = Hours for this activity. Must be a single number. Decimals are accepted. Words are not accepted (for example, please provide "1.5" instead of "1 hr 30 min"
- Activity Name = Title of volunteer service or Organization Name
- Project Description = Description of service done. Can be "imported service hours" if you do not have one.
- Contact Name, Phone, Email = Can be the person that supervised the activity or the student's service director. Must provide at least a phone or email address (both are not required).