How does text message verification work?

1 - Text message verification is OFF by default. School Admins must enable this in their new Organization Settings page.

2 - If Email and Text message verification are both enabled, the verification contact will receive an email AND a text alert when a student logs his or her hours via desktop version. NOTE: this will not duplicate the number of verified hours - once it's verified via one of the methods, it cannot be re-verified by the other method. If the student logs their hours via the mobile app, he or she will be prompted to send EITHER an email or text method of verification and only one request will be sent to the verifier.

3 - Text verification requests CANNOT be resent to the verifier by the student or x2VOL Support staff. (We recommend keeping email verification enabled for backup if the text message option doesn't work for project contacts.)

4 - Text verification requests will only work if the student inputs a valid mobile phone number.

5 - Schools can select Text verification method for specific opportunities they post. It will only work if the opportunity's contact has a valid mobile phone number listed in their contact information.