How do I merge duplicate student accounts?

Below are the instructions to merge students duplicate accounts in the Member Lookup page.

NOTE: this setting must be turned on for your school before you can complete these steps. If you need this setting turned on for your school, please email to request it. Only Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator user roles would have access to this feature when turned on.

Click on Manager Tab > Member Lookup page
Click green button in right hand corner "Merge Volunteer Accounts"
Type in the student first or last name in the student search bar and click Search
Select both accounts you want to merge
Click Proceed
Select the "primary account" ***You MUST select the NEW account the student created because it is an actual account. This one will appear in this popup with more profile info (address, phone etc) so you can tell this one is the registered account and not the imported account.*** If you select the imported account as the primary, the merge will not be successful. Profile data and email address can be changed once the merge is complete.
Click Complete Merge

CAUTION: Merging accounts cannot be reversed. Make sure you double check you're merging the same student's accounts before you complete the merge.