How do I invite nonprofits or businesses to join x2VOL?

An email from the school Principal, Service Director or Counselor encourages organizations to register on x2VOL and post opportunities for their students.

Below is some sample copy you can use to invite them:

" Our school has recently partnered with intelliVOL and their x2VOL product which is an online tracking and reporting system for service and work-based learning hours that allows us to eliminate our paper tracking process and allows you to post opportunities for our students and verify their hours online.
There is no charge for registering, listing events or approving hours.
Please go to today, click on the JOIN button on the home screen and select the option for Nonprofits. Fill out the form completely and submit!

 Your organization will be verified by intelliVOL and a representative will follow up with you to answer any questions."

Organizations can register at no charge to post opportunities and verify hours. They can register at​. The organization will be contacted by our team to thank them for registering and provide support in using their account.