Everything you need to know about the Official Service Transcript™

What is THE Official Service Transcript™ and what's on it?
The Official Service Transcript™ is an official document that provides a record of your service hours logged into x2VOL. It includes your total service hours, if those hours were verified by a third party, if those hours were approved by your school and the reflection you wrote about each service experience.

Who receives the Official Service Transcript™?
Like your test scores and academic transcript, the Official Service Transcript can be sent directly and securely to college admissions officers when applying to universities. The document will be sent to the TRANSCRIPT folder - the same place where the academic is sent. It is not sent to an "other documents" folder.

What does the Official Service Transcript™ do for me?
The Official Service Transcript™ provides college admissions officers the opportunity to see more about you than just your grades and test scores. With the transcript universities will be able to see your community dedication and how your service impacted you through your reflection. Most college admissions officers state that seeing the reflection to student service hours plays a role in who that accept to their schools.

Why should I order an Official Service Transcript™?
You should order an Official Service Transcript™ to accompany all of your college applications because it’s an opportunity to showcase characteristics of you that cannot be found through test scores or academic transcripts. Because college admissions officers like to see service and service reflections, it gives them insight on your skills, experience and personal growth. 

Are Official Service Transcripts™ important to colleges? 
Yes! We asked colleges and universities if official service records are important and the majority said yes.

Can an Official Service Transcript™ be sent anywhere? 
Yes, you can enter the email address or physical address of where you want the Official Service Transcript™ to be sent. You can even send it to yourself. 

If I send the Official Service Transcript™ to myself, can I make a copy to send to the school/college?  Will it still be an official transcript?
No. It is only considered "official" and is only authenticated if it is sent from x2VOL's database to the college or university. You can make copies but they are not considered official.

What is the difference between printing off your activity log and ordering an Official Service Transcript™?
The Official Service Transcript™ is an official, authenticated document that proves your service hours. The service log provides an account of your service, but it is not an official document.

How do I order an Official Service Transcript™?
That’s easy! Log in to x2VOL and follow the steps laid out in this one minute video.

I am a parent ordering an Official Service Transcript™ for my child. Do I put their name or my name in the order field? 
Student name

I can't find the college listed on the Parchment site. What do I do?
That's ok! You can enter the email address for the person that you want to send it to.

Is it cheaper to send the Official Service Transcript™ to myself instead of sending it to the school? 
No. It is the same price. 
How much does it cost to send the Official Service Transcript™? 
$20 per OST

I am a school Admin, can I order the Official Service Transcript™ for my (group of) student(s)? 
Yes. Admins may order Official Service Transcripts™ for students to be sent to colleges and universities. Admins can log in as the student via the Member Lookup page and order it from the student account.

Can I order an Official Service Transcript™ if I do not have any service hours in my x2VOL account? 
No. If you don't have claimed hours in your x2VOL account your order will be rejected.

What is the deadline to order the Official Service Transcript™? 
Official Service Transcripts™ can be ordered all year, 24/7/365. 

Ready to send your volunteer hours to universities? Log in to your x2VOL account, follow the instructions above and take a step in impacting your future!

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